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the future?

"Charging the future" is a fundraising created by our team in order to enable our dream of becoming an international reference in electric mobility. 

Future of Mobility

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Technological Development

Research and Innovation

Choose how much to invest!

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Contribute once and help us conquer the Brazilian dream of mobility.


In pursuit of better projects in terms of efficiency, innovation, technology and security, we always challenge ourselves with improvement planning. However, we often don't have the financial resources that enable us to develop these cutting edge technolgies.


See some of the projects - 100% developed by our team and very valuable in the current market - that may be completed over the coming months:

BMS (battery management system)


It's responsible for all the use and distribution of energy in the prototype. Our team developed a BMS of our own, which allows us to fulfill our most specific needs.


  • Where exactly does the money raised by the Loading the Future fund go?
    Despite the fundamental contributions of our sponsors, making the project effective involves acquiring expensive and complex components that are often imported, such as our Motors, Battery Packs and Inverters. Thus, the monthly contribution fund helps us to make these purchases and maintain the fixed monthly costs that we have with the workshop, with consumables and tools
  • Who manages the money raised?
    The administration of the fund is in charge of the team captain, Nikollas Javier, and the managing director, Daniel Cavallini. We analyze the cash flow with the dedicated control software: Salesforce.
  • What are the payment methods?
    Today, we have a single contribution option.
  • How to cancel my subscription?
    For now, the simplest method is to request cancellation by contacting the team. We are already working to make this process more practical and straightforward!
  • How to contact the team?
    You can fill out the form in the "Contact Us" section or send an email directly to In addition, we are always available on social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram!
  • Who can be part of the team?
    Any student regularly enrolled at Universidade Estadual de Campinas can join the team! We currently have members from several courses, such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Control and Automation Engineering, Computer Engineering, Physics, Chemical Engineering, among others.
  • What is Formula SAE?
    Formula SAE is the competition we regularly participate in, in the electric category. Organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), it only has Formula Student teams, and the names of its editions vary from country to country: Formula SAE Brazil, Formula Student in the UK and FSG in Germany, for example. .


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